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Hello everyone.

First time caller,Long time listener :D


Simple question,Has anyone grown in a pro mix with a run off ph of 5.0-5.4


If so,What was your results.


I'm trying to figure something out here with out boring the you know what out of everyone.


Thank you in advance



This sight along with the members rock,I can not believe it took me this long to convert.

Keep up the good work Brother's/Sister's


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my runoff is a little higher also, very similar to Medcnman's runoff. Results are good.

Most of the time I use Pro-mix organic, but I use both. The organic runoff is about 6, but it will vary with the nutes I am using. Never tried to get it as low as you are asking about.

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Thank you everyone for the reply's so far.


It be nice to say I was running an experiment.lol.


Been growing in Pro Mix from HD for a year and a half now

Out of the bag the PH is 6.2ish

I just put a girl in 2 weeks ago and now my run off is PH 5.0


More times then not I have had issues while growing with it

It's the same dam Issue over and over.


Dont get me wrong I still harvest Medicine,I'm just curious what my issue is.


It starts out most of the time on the bottom of the plant from there it starts on old fan leaves to new leaves

on up all the way.

It moves fast,Very fast.

I also notice more in flower then anything else,Veg seems normal.

along in clones more then seeded

I have a few pics there in order from first signs to harvest






To be fair I just started playing with my ph meter.


with that said my theory is my ph is out of wack

I think adding lime would be a great addition to my mix.


I dont think they put enough lime in it at the factory,Then again I get it at HD so who knows how long its been sitting there.


Ok im done,,Thanks you all again so far.

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I just started to play around with my ph meter.

Its an oakton.

Ive always phd my water however I never checked the run off.


with that said.I ph my water to 6.5 then water.

If im feeding I add nutes and additives then ph to 6.5.

I would also like to add that I calibrate my meter every week weather its needed or not.

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i'd personally say magnesium spotting, but either way, you could stand to add back some finely ground dolomite lime...a tbls to two per gal of mix. doesn't hurt to add a tbls at potting, and to add back every other week during the grow, esp if you have a lot of run-off w the feeds. it will also help you bounce up & stabalize the pH in the promix...peat is pretty acidic by itself & even promix buffers w some lime. hard to add too much w the stuff...pretty safe. english gardens has a 50lb sack (5gal) for $10.

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ph 6.3 if your using the purple bag of pro mix from homedepot.


Below you will see what I found from the purple bag.


Been growing in Pro Mix from HD for a year and a half now

Out of the bag the PH is 6.2ish


And this is what I found after using it for 2 weeks

I just put a girl in 2 weeks ago and now my run off is PH 5.0



I thank you all for your reply's

I have since adjusted my feed,Since doing so things seem to be Positive.

I'll be sure to let everyone know the out come after harvesting my first run.

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