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Ruimor - No Tax Returns This Year...

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I'm no fan of the criminal government led by the current criminal in chief obama, but that is nonsense. They print the phony money so that will never happen, they are killing us slowly in increments. They don't operate that way ,they steal your life like your freedom ,slowly. The tax refund scheme is like a giant pacifier for the people.

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Im starting to hear (rumor) that this year we will not get anything back on our tax returns... because the IRS is so broke they will not be able to pay back our taxes... Im not sure on the reality of this but if anyone has information on this please fill me in..

Id have to think some one in your possision in the mmma, that you would make sure nonsense like this had a leg to stand on. think about it? would obama give ssi and ssid recipeints an across the board raise and than keep our taxes? :rolleyes:


Its true some people are realy book smart! but when it comes to common sense! nill! :unsure:

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Oh oh, someone wasn't paying attention in 9th grade gov't class.


IRS is only the collection agency for back taxes. Listed in the white pages and no more 'federal' than Federal Express. The U.S. Dept. of the Treasury issues the tax refund checks.


If you have a refund coming, you'll always get your check. The currency may not be worth much when you cash it, but you will get the check.



Joyeux Noel pour mes amis et freres. Cannabis pour la paix. :rock:

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