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Plant Problems

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My plants are almost 5 weeks into flower and I have recently noticed that there are signs of new growth forming at the top flower sites. Also the hairs seem to be starting to turn brown prematurely. I have week the new growth before in a previous grow as a result of light damage from a faulty timer. I have checked my timer and I am sure it is in good working order. I have sprayed them with a mild solution of azamax about a week ago after noticing an early sign of spider mites...could this be causing my problem? I have used azamax in the past with no problems. I also have switched from fox farms nutes to bc nutes recently, but I don't know how that could cause my problem. Also I believe I noticed both abnormalities on at least one plant before the azamax or switching the nutes. Plants seem otherwise healthy with no other signs of distress. Thanks in advance for any help anyone could offer.

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new growth in flowering may be


1. Your previous light problem may have altered the growth/bloom of the plant. This condition may self-correct itself.

2. Check the distance of your lighting. If the light is too close to the plants, the plants will "bolt out" to relieve the heat stress.


The "browning" of the tops may be because the hairs are too close to the light and getting burnt.


I use one of these to periodically check the tops of my plants.



Good Luck


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I have grown all these strains for at least a dozen rounds each w/out any similar problems. Humidity fluctuated between 38&48%. The temp at canopy level never exceeds 78 deg. The Browning of the hairs is not just on the top flowers but extends throughout the plant. I have not introduced any nutes that would have increased nitrogen levels. I have checked the room during the dark period every hour and am sure all timers/ballasts are functioning normal. I cant even see my hand in front of my face when the lights are off in my room so I'm sure there isn't a light leak. Thank you all for your help! I will post some pics ASAP.

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