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Windows 8

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I have to admit, I liked what windows has done since leaving xp, but boy I hate how bulky they are making themselves anymore.

With hard drives getting larger, it unbelievable an install iso starts at 3-4 gig, and when machine is up and running, it sucks up 20-30 gigs of space. Thats with changing page file to 3 gig and ect. I did manage to get 7 trimmed to 7 gigs installed, but what a huge pain, then you worry if it will update, let alone pass windows genuine.

Anyways rambling, Bri what was 8's final install size? Did you tweak any settings when you installed as well? Just curious.

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I didn't pay it any attention. this operating system is tailored for touchscreen tablets.


Are you using it on a touchscreen device?


I'm curious how much the user interface changes require a touchscreen...


I'll try it one of these days. A guy at work had it up and running on one of our tablet devices, so that was a touchscreen. It seemed a little clunky but it IS a beta...

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Well iv had a few days to test this new windows 8, and i have to say like all new platforms its a little glitchy. :hot:

But it is much faster for surfing and i can multitask alot better and faster now.


Its just kinda diif with the main screen being like a xbox. But over all im happy... Only thing that sucked is i had to upgrade my Microsoft word to the new edition the old one didn't work.:thumbsd:

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I was all set to load it on my desktop until it told me i had to dump microsoft security essentials as much web as i search i need that active to keep my machine virus free. :mellow:



Not one to get in an antivirus debate, but honestly try avast once. I am not one to trust microsoft to much for product updates let alone my antivirus. Avast updates daily, and at times 2 times a day. Very active in their updates. Avast offers a sandbox, (an area to play safely only need to reboot and it dont exist) so you can

1) Test the product

2) be sure its safe, and not a virus. I would rather my machine goes nuts and screams over a virus I can reboot and not see it. (I run returnil for this reason as well. I can run windows inside windows, surf net and test stuff, run a complete windows setup, linux what have you, never touching the main os other then starting the machne then opening returnil.)


Another thing I like about avast is the fact I can do a boot scan, and delete a virus before the operating system can load it fully load into memory.

Anyways just my 2 cents.


As for loading 8 on your machine, you very well may have to disable or uninstall your antivirus, as it may see the install as an attack against the o.s. Easiest way around this, dload the iso, virus scan it, check hash checksum, burn iso to disk. Unplug ethernet, or turn off iso, install. Upon install, immediately reinstall any antivirus program.


I was looking at the posted website and almost loaded via internet, but decided to hold off putting it on my lappy. I have a extended warranty, and my screen has a chip pretty bad, so I need machine near its stock state. Be my second replaced screen, 3rd if you count them sending me the comp back missing screws and bezel. Opened the box and watched new screen hit the floor. I thought about running it in returnil, but really wanting to see it without sharing memory, in its raw form. Realizing its a beta, I know it will change alot before release as always, but I seriously been giving thoughts towards a homemade mac for next comp, or running linux.

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anti virus...Eset NOD 32 hands down nothing can touch it i mean nothing best on the market IMO I built PC's for clients in my spare time I install Eset on all the PC's i build, Iv had Eset on my PC since beta and I have been Virus and malware free since then ( and some of the site I visit ARE LOADED with malware and all kinda bunny muffin I swear by Eset



and for windows 8 beta ...meh ill stick to WINDOWS 7 64 bit extreme edition R1

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I wanted to clear an error I made when I said I was thinking of running 8 inside returnil, I meant to say virtual box. I could have edited the post, but decided to leave my error.


I use returnil as a an alternate means of protecting windows, sure a pain in the rump at times, but very efficient of steering from nasties.

I as well use virtual box to run os'es and as well protect windows. Only real drawback is lag in time of something to run ie. Tor, but then its always a bit slow at start, and depending on server choosen.

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