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With Oz On Every Adult Becoming Legal In Detroit, And The Belief The Dea

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will be the only restricter and them only hot for big grows, it's open grow. Electricians report a boom the last month, and half their residential biz has become basement grow rooms. The buzz is "You can make money in Detroit--finally!"

So, with an oz legal for every adult, how will leo and courts handle sales?

How have other cities who have made OK the posssession of small amounts handled it?

The assumption here is disps are again ok (within city limits) and everybody has the right to grow their oz as they wish and as they please. Families are organizing to put outdoor grows in every relatives' backyard and basement, and the the cuz who made it out of the hood is buying a house in D to get in on the greenup.

It's assumed patients and caregivers are a thing of the past; the only reason to be a patient (or CG) is you're paranoid

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You must have the Detroit one and the state-wide one confused. The Detroit one doesn't allow cultivation or sales. Caregivers and patients are still the only legal growers in Michigan.



you keep your eye on them rest! :bong2:





p.s I would not move to detroit if it was true,I moved from the rat race to many yrs ago, I cant stand all the cars and action in the city, country living is for me, (green acres is the place for me, indoor farm living is the life for me) I will just register with the state, sure an out door grow would be nice, but some one would get it, ya cant shoot em in your yard for raiding your garden, they come in my house and they will have a big surprise waiting for them, a homicidal maniac aka master of disaster!

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Sec. 38-11-50 Applicability - None of the provisions of this article shall apply to the use or possession of less than 1 ounce of marihuana, on private property, by a person who has attained the age of 21 years.


Most people whom I have discussed this with have not read the question or the affected codes. I see a lot more arrest with the passing of the Detroit proposal. I keep hearing of a wide open door, and the ability to do as one pleases. What I see as a change is your being on your porch or in your yard with friends, blazing a tree without fear of arrest – from city cops. I am certain that the county and state officers will be where there are complaints, or when things are out of hand.


There will be a host of things that cannot be done. 38-11-41 thru 38-11-49 are the Codes that speak to Drug Free Zones. You still will be prohibited in these areas. Any area that is within one thousand (1,000) feet of a public day-care center, elementary school, middle school, vocational school, secondary school, parochial school, public charter school, private charter school, community college, college or university, or an arcade, outdoor recreation facility, public library, public swimming pool, youth center; and any adjacent parking lot.


A dispensary would need to have more that an ounce on hand, so you can forget about one being legally open. Besides, any business open to the public would not be seen a private property. This is just my opinion, but my intent is to try to steer folks away from the chance of arrest.

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Please do not blame me for r-e-p-o-r-t-i-n-g the assumptions sweeping this 139 mile-square city or for the boom that electricians are experiencing or for the enthusiam among never-voteds for going to the polls and voting due to this one issue, or for the hopes of so many young people that the measure means something good is finally going to happen, People say it is time to stop the arrests by the thousands each year for possession of a little weed, and so they are ready to vote for the first time in their lives. Choicolate is right, the measure is little read, mostly known by rumor and misinformation.

Unfortunately publius.org (Wayne State U website) has not had the measure posted for easy access.

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