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Uruguay - State Distributes Marijuana

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  • According to the Christian Science Monitor, Uruguay has long been at the vanguard of social reform in Latin America. Today, it is on the verge of passing into law one of its most radical ideas yet.
  • The Broad Front – the center-left coalition that holds power – is proposing a state monopoly over the production and distribution of marijuana, making Uruguay the first national government to sell cannabis directly to citizens. The government says the measure is necessary to combat rising drug-related crime, decrease health risks for users, and counter ineffective US policies on drugs. But within Uruguay, interest groups have labeled the legislation totalitarian, while some international bodies argue it breaches global conventions.


Interesting, hope it goes in the right direction, for the right reason.

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Global conventions? The US has been the force behind global cannabis prohibition. They made all the smaller countries sign onto and enforce cannabis bans. The US is to blame for the current mess. If the politicians had listened to the scientists we wouldn't be in this mess right now.


The legislation is totalitarian? I suppose because it puts the government in charge of cannabis? I guess I agree with that view.

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