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Planet Green Trees Episode 115 - October 11, 2012 8-10 p.m.

Call-In Number: 1-347-326-9626 then dial 1 to get on the air.


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Special Guests:


stephshererasa.jpg?width=50Steph Shere:

ASA's executive director Steph Sherer founded ASA in 2002 with the purpose of building a strong grassroots movement to protect patients and their rights to safe and legal access. At the time, there were only 11 medical cannabis dispensaries in the nation, all of which were all operating outside of the law, and she got a crash course in this provocative, courageous world of patient-defined medical cannabis advocacy.


drwilliamcourtney.jpg?width=50Dr. William Courtney:

Dr. Courtney's area of special interest is in the dietary uses of cannabis to achieve 250 to 500 mg of cannabinoid acids, which he considers as a conditionally essential nutrient in the diet of individuals from the 4th decade on. He has presented on high dose non-psychoactive dietary uses at Cannabis Therapeutics in Rhode Island April 2010, the Institute of Molecular Psychiatry at the University of Bonn in June 2010, the Institute for Advanced Studies at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem in November 2010, and the International Cannabinoid Research Society conference in Chicago in July 2011.


Your Host:Attorney Michael Komorn of KomornLaw 1-800-656-3557

Regular Guests: Chad from the Birmingham Compassion Club, Jamie Lowell of Third Coast Compassion Center, Rick Thompson reporting on news events.


Tonight's Show Sponsored By:


mmmalogoround.jpg?width=50michiganmedicalmarijuana.org Thanks to all the moderators especially Q tipper!





Komorn Law - Atty Michael Komorn (800) 656-3557-



greenthumbgardencenters.gif?width=50Green Thumb Garden Center 1-248-439-1851.

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Anyone who has any questions for Dr. Courtney please list them here. A friend ask me to ask him if the juice can be frozen and ingested at a later time. I also plan to try to get an answer on what thc, delta 9 or carboxy thc cooh 11 or any shows in blood from juicing. Please let me know any other questions our commuity it's is interested in getting answers to.

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