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C99 Iranian

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About April 1 we will introduce C99 Iranian, a short season plant that will finish early to mid-September. Original Brothers Grimm C99 and our own Iranian Autoflower. We were blown away by the quality, potency and taste. Good yield; we see no reason why someone in a favourable climate couldn't get at least a pound per and probably more, even here in Ontario we expect 1 pound plants this summer.

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Does the cross autoflower?

I know this thread is for Doc's gear, however if you are looking for them.

There is an autoflowering C 99 made by HighRise seeds.

It does not yield like this cross though 1 1/2 - 3 oz. per plant. 60-70 days from seed.

It is available at RCMCollective. ca .

I think that is the web address.

Royal Canadian Marijuana Collective..

Sorry not trying to spam just spreading info for the people .

My apologies if I offended anyone.

Jah Bless

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No. None of the Iranian crosses; Iranian G13, Iranian Chemdawg, Iranian OG, Chemo Iranian autoflower but all finish mid-August to mid-September

Doc, the greater yielding, both indoor and outdoor, of that group it's the Iranaian G13?

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