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Cannabis Defense Day

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well i searched Google for it..


no such thing as...


(national-international :) ) Cannabis Defense Day.




for all those who have won or are still fighting....


as a community i move we make one.


right here....


right now....


any seconds?




which day...


i vote for June 21st.


the solstice... the longest day of the year.... :)


we can all come together and rejoice for those who have won...


and at the same time help gather strength for those who are still fighting.

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funny all my life up till now i have been trying to avoid going viral... :)


seems like the longest day of the year is a great day to celebrate our friendly cannabis plant...


so June 21st... with the most exposure to sunlight... seems appropriate... :)


as far as how to raise awareness...


i say...


tell everyone...


make them aware.... twitter the facebook instagram wikiheck outta it.


remind everyone it is a day to remember..

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Really great idea. How does one get things to "go viral"?


Most sites like f.b and twit, ebay, have whats trending now, add what ever is trending now to your subject line, kinda like a mispelling and boom your at the top, lmao, at least that is how I did it on ebay!


I third the motion mibrains!




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Really great idea. How does one get things to "go viral"?

How about a YouTube video depicting a mock trial showing the plight of the victim and how it affects his/her family.  I'm sure that you younger folks have some pretty good imaginations, go for it, see what you can come up with.

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