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Oregon Organization To Build Bridge Made From Hemp Materials

knucklehead bob

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Oregon State Representative Suzanne Bonamici has joined together with Senator Ron Wyden and Governor Kitzhaber to champion a new construction project involving the use of hemp buiding materials.





New twist on CRC project: hemp bridge


The controversial Columbia River Crossing project has just taken a strange new twist. A new plan has emerged to build a hemp bridge to replace the current I-5 bridge. The new plan came from U.S. Rep. Suzanne Bonamici after she saw a sixth-century hemp bridge in France, that’s still standing.  Rep. Bonamici has long been a supporter of the legalization and use of industrial hemp. During her 2011 campaign she advocated for hemp saying “It’s rope, not dope.”



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The new plan, the Columbia Reefer Crossing, has the backing of Sen. Ron Wyden and Governor Kitzhaber. Gov. Kitzhaber told reporters at a press conference Friday that quite frankly he’s tired of all the half-baked CRC ideas. Said Kitzhaber “If we’re going to do this thing, let’s do it fully baked.”



Baked? Isn't that a term for being high? Is this story for real?

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