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Temp And Humidity Question

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so i have this question right now im in veg and my light and fan are set for 18/6 and when they are on my temp is between 70-75 and my humidity is around 40% now at night when my light and fan are off fmy temp is about 68 and my humidity is about 70% what should i do to get the humidity down? i dont have alot of money right now should i leave everything on 24/7 i was just wondering because i dont wanna hurt my babys at all

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you will have to have an air conditioner or a dehumidifier very soon most likely as the days become warmer outside..size and type depend on your situation...


it would be very difficult to maintain good air quality without some type of air movement system.. either on Manuel controls.. or on a automatic switch...


temperature and humidity as well as general air quality are potentially the most important aspects of any indoor grow..


took me quite a while to learn that... seems so simple.. but the girls want fresh clean happy air constantly...

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i agree....i keep mine right close to 45-50% while flowering...


i use my dehumidifier in the winter because it throws off so much heat as exhaust it helps heat the room...


in the summer i have to switch it out for an air conditioner and it vents the air out of the room.. so it controls the humidity and the temp without overheating my space... :)

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Ok I'm going to jump on this thread vrs making a new one.

I continually have to keep making changes to my room as these girls grow, as it stands right now my Veg space is 8x5x7 lights on temp is around 75-80 humidity is around 50%..

My problem is the flower room, as it sits today space is 8x5x12 sealed off from the veg room surrounded by panda film. I was having trouble keeping it blacked out during 12/12, cause light was coming thru from the vent tubes and hood from the veg room. So I made some tweeks but it messed up my temps. once I close off the room the temp hangs around 80 and humidity when closed off shot up to 70% Way to high.. So I broke down today and invested in a Dehumidifier yay! problem is that sucker is raising my temps to mid 80's humidity is down to 40% at the moment, But my temp jumped up to mid 80's and rising still and that is with the door open, should I have just skipped the dehumidifier and got a small ac unit, or another exhaust fan or something this thing was 175 bucks and I'm more that likely going to need ac in the summer anyways?

So looking for a way to lower humidity w/o raising my temp.


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that would work.... build yourself a vent... like a furnace duct...


shape it similar to shape of the output area on your dehumidifier... and slap that puppy on there with some duct tape :)


power a fan and vent it if you have to... or maybe passive vent it... right on out of the space... :)

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Kinda ghetto but I just wanted to see how it worked before spending more loot.

It seems to be working.. temps stopped rising hanging around 85 in the flower room lights on, 79 in the veg lights off.. and you can see the RH went from 70% down in the 40's now.. I still think I may take this back or buy a cheapo A/C and hang it in a window and just custom a vent duck from the window into the Flower room Y duct to the veg room if needed.. or I can just buy another inline and vent that room right out so one vent in each room going directly outside.

Anywho here are some pics lol, plus check out this ladies leaves, 13 blades, them are coming from new growth too she is a bush lol 5ft tall 3ft wide or so only 8 days in flower








So you think those numbers are still high? 85 and 40..still seems high I'll just have to keep them watered real good until I figure it out ehh..


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that looks very similar to my portable air conditioning unit i use...




just a hint by the way... if you want to have pictures while your HPS lights are on.. hold a pair of sunglasses in front of your camera lens...

the digital cameras can not process the extreme amount of light and bars are a result of the software trying to adjust the "f" stop and reduce the light exposure... it works very well..





i run my flower room at 75-80.  i prefer 79 degree with 35%RH...


anything over 83 i start to panic...


at 85 my strawberry cough and blueberry will start to throw nanners...


also... i just noticed so i added this...

when you do the permanent design to vent that unit... do not use cardboard...it could burn..

also make sure you try to remove as much flex, and corners in your flexible duct... the curves and twists will cause resistance and that will make your units fan work much harder...

you may need an auxiliary duct fan to help push the hot air our if you have a long run.


lookin good man..


thanks for the questions and pictures.

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