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Spots On Leaf

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Wow, she is just a wee little baby still... I'm not a expert grower or anything, but I have attempted it quite a few times.

At that age of the plant it should be getting just water so not a nuet spillage.. I wouldn't fuss much over it in 2 weeks she will be several inches taller, you should be just fine. Here is a link to a tremendous source of knowledge it has helped me in the past and more than likely in the future..



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The spots are probably nothing much, might be your soil is too hot.  They will likely grow out of it if you let them.


You don't need to be feeding them anything until at least the 3rd set of true leaves.  The first set don't count as they are cotyldens, so you are at 1 set of leaves now.


Your soil looks organic so I would bet you don't need to give anything but water until the 5th or 6th set of leaves.


You could very easily kill them with kindness by overferting and/or overwatering.  At this point the best fertilizer is the gardener's shadow. 

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Often the first leaf sets have some irregularity, deformation whichever, and grow out of it with the first set of real leaves (multi fingered and serated). If not, then for whichever reason (there are many) it still isnt able to uptake and process nutes properly. I wouldnt stress and try to go with lower(ish) light levels and try not to overwater while trying to baby her through. Give it a week to two to acclimate.

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Do they look like this right at light on and then work their way out to normal throughout the day? If that's the case I'd say they're a bit wilted from the high humidity with lights off, I have a lot of seedlings looking like that, with the wavy leaves and I've never noticed an issue in their vigor or strength they grow at. Do you have any moving air hitting them? Maybe a light airflow can spruce them up

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