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Pocket A A Sure Billion Or Two If You Invent A Window Air Conditioner That

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i failed badly to convey my meaning.  24,000 btu in a window unit can be had for $600, and every other form of ac (central air $1900 installed, or a mini split for $1290 delivered)  are both more costly and involved.

When someone comes up with a universal window unit, the patent will be worth a hundred lifetimes of working.

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if you rent, the LL may reimburse some towards the central AC if it still works when you vacate. that's a good price on a split system and you can take that with ya. in-room portables can be found very economically, but only to take the edge off temporarily depending on your garden size. good luck.


Or, get that patent on your invention and never need to kool a grow ever again...

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