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Transfers Of Clones Legal?

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As the recipient you are all good as long as you have a card.  When transporting, be in the car alone, with the plant in a case and in the trunk or innaccesible part of the vehicle as there are some new laws regarding that.


As the giver, if the person receiving is not 1 of 5 patients you are connected to through the registry or your caregiver (you can have a caregiver and keep your plant rights), you are in violation.


All the law says about usuable is


“Usable marihuana” means the dried leaves and flowers of the marihuana plant, and any mixture or preparation 

thereof, but does not include the seeds, stalks, and roots of the plant.


I would say a clone would be considered a plant.  Someone will come and claim that since it has no roots it isn't a plant, and if you want to risk your freedom, go right ahead and treat it as such.

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It doesn't matter if a clone is a plant or not.  People need to remember that there are two kinds of marijuana (more or less).  There is "usable marijuana" and then the rest of the marijuana.


A CG can only transfer "usable marijuana" to his five patients.  So what about the rest of the marijuana - the seeds, stalks, roots?  Well, it is still marijuana.  And there is no law that protects you to transfer just any ol' marijuana to just any person.  I can't hand a 15 y/o kid a bucket of marijuana roots and stalks.  Similarly, ther is no protection in our law to transfer roots and stalks to a patient not registered to a CG.


There has been a big misunderstanding in this community since the beginning.  Many people seem to think that marijuana that doesn't fall under the category of "plants" or "usable MJ" is unregulated.  All marijuana is regulated. 

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