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Ca Cops Shoot Dog For No Reason.

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Definition of sadism from wikipedia:




sadism (countable and uncountable; plural sadisms)

  1. (chiefly psychiatry) the enjoyment of inflicting pain without pity
  2. achievement of sexual gratification by inflicting pain on others
  3. gaining sexual excitement and satisfaction by watching pain inflicted by others on their victims
  4. a morbid form of enjoyment achieved by acting cruelly to another, or others
  5. (in general use) Deliberate cruelty, either mental or physical; also refers to cruelty inflicted upon animals, regardless of gratification
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And they say pot smokers pose a threat to society? Really? I think they may want to re-think that. These out of control police pose a very real threat to society, but we never see anyone debating their behavior and personal choices.

Why do you think cops become cops..?  85% of them that is....


I am glad I was born white and not Black or this could have been me getting jailed then having my best friend murdered in front of me like this poor guy had done to him.


The guy was just taking a video and these cops went way over board and should be all suspended with NO and the guy that pulled the trigger should be fired with NO severance.  FUX ALL THESE out of control cops, PA's, judges, probation officer ...fux the entire prison system as a matter of fact.  it a racket.

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