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Got My Certification From A Doctor But Never Sent In To State For Card. Is It To Late?

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Long story short.  I went to a clinic in Lansing paid the money to get the certification but never sent it in to get the card.  Was nervous about losing my job etc because I worked for the same department that issues the cards.  Since then we have moved from Lansing up to Gladwin and I've retired and I'm not so worried anymore.  I have so many medical conditions that I am willing to give this a shot.  I want to get off all these pills I take.  Can I still send the certification in or do I need to be seen again and if so how would I go about finding someone in this area and finding a caregiver or a place to obtain the product.  Many thanks for any assistance

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send it in, they can only say no.

or you can call them and ask if your rec is still good...
btw if it was before the new forms, your old rec may only be good for 1 year.
the new recs plus new application gets you 2 year cards.

might just be worth it to get another rec.

as for finding a certification doctor , you can try weedmaps. ot look in the newspaper / craigslist / phonebook for your area.
you can also do some searching to see if theres a compassion club in your area to meet with caregivers.

or you can ask in the forums here to find a caregiver.

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I have a clinic in Lansing.  If it was from me, you can just stop by the MP office and I'll fix it, assuming it was within 6 months or so.  Otherwise, we'll just get you fixed up like any other patient.  Please bring your records.  PM me and I'll give you the appointment line.  We are also in Grayling for the reduced fee clinic on Wed night if that would lessen the sting of paying again a little.


Dr. Bob

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No Ms. you don't need to send in your paperwork for a Section 8 defense ATTEMPT, but you are by no means legal.  You have an excuse with paperwork, but immunity with the registration.  Assuming you follow the rules that is.


Yes, the clinic is in MP on S. Mission across from the firehouse car wash, and I am there every Wed 11-4


Dr. Bob

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