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Florida Couple Unknowingly Smuggles Marijuana From Louisiana

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Florida Couple Unknowingly Smuggles Marijuana From Louisiana


A Florida couple unknowingly smuggled 11 pounds of marijuana to Louisiana after a strange series of events led them to be in possession of two locked suitcases that contained the weed.

The situation began in July, when a package was delivered to the Louisiana vacation home of the Florida couple.  The husband told the housekeeper that the delivery must have been a mistake and had her send it back to UPS.  The package was later reshipped to the home by UPS, so the cleaning lady put it inside.


During the couple’s recent trip to Louisiana, they decided to open the package and saw that there were two locked suitcases inside.  Thinking the bags were lost luggage being returned to someone, they tossed them in their truck and planned to deal with them later, authorities said.

It was only once the couple got back to their home in Florida that they cut off the locks and found eleven pounds of marijuana inside.
The sheriff’s office was called and officers seized the marijuana.  According to Monroe County Sheriff Sgt. Al Ramirez, the marijuana would be destroyed.  “This could have been really bad,” Ramirez said in a statement.  “These people were traveling all over with this stuff in their truck.  If they had been pulled over with it, they could have wound up in jail and their truck may have been seized.”
It remains unclear who sent the package to the Louisiana rental home and why they chose that particular address.
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