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Tora Bora


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I was fortunate enough to accompany (aka provide transportation for) a friend of my son's to his recertification (not sure if thats what you call it) appointment this last weekend and was able to speak with a women who has way more knowledge  than I will probably ever have on mm. She suggested Tora Bora in capsule form to assist with seizure disorders. I was wondering if anyone else has had experience with it?

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I do but not in capsule form.  Its an indica....tests at around 5-7% THC and the CBD level is always double the THC amount.  Its my favorite strain to smoke...mainly because its relatively weak and I'm a light weight!

Its a very specific cut (pheno) of Tora Bora.....  If grown from seed you'll get the high THC version FYI

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Check out what a high CBD cannabis oil did for this child.



Tora Bora clone. My last cancer patient really wanted this strain and tried to order from Attitude Seeds. The DHS confiscated them. I have been hearing a lot of this lately. Not sure if it is a new trend with the DHS or is it just from the shut down and then they beefed up security. Since our government shut down in 2013 I have been hearing a lot of different seed confiscation stories. Hopefully it is just a temporary issue due to the shutdown.


Another patient was kind enough to donate the cancer patient a Tora Bora clone. He was so grateful. I have seen test results on this strain and they show that it is high in CBD. Low in THC, but it did have a noticeable amount of it. I believe the patient was looking for a high CBD strain to make oil for maintenance doses so he could get back to work. 


I have heard the high CBD is clone only. I will do my best to find out if the original plant was also from clone or if it was from seed. At least the high CBD one.

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