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Birmingham Compassion Meeting Announcement

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Please Join Us For Our Next Meeting of Birmingham Compassion That will take place Tuesday Evening February 18th 2014 7pm at BALDWIN PUBLIC


LIBRARY 300 West Merrill st. In Downtown Birmingham Michigan In The Jeanne Lloyd Room We will continue to have have lively debate on Michigan House and Senate Legislative efforts currently underway in Lansing Michigan The past and current meeting agenda issues are : A Michigan Senate Bill


Introduced By State Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge SB 736 This Bill would allow judges to access medical records to determine whether the parent or guardian has a qualifying condition to legally use cannabis and to determine the extent of the doctor/patient relationship. The bill also would allow judges to order an “independent


medical evaluation” to determine if using cannabis is necessary.


Ultimately, the judge could order the parent to stop using medical marijuana if it’s found to harm a child. All patients and Caregivers are advised to be very concerned


about this effort come to this meeting and discuss with BC There were also 2 bills voted on and passed by the house of representatives during the last session


of 2013 HB 4271 A Dispensary local option bill that has favor with NPRA, was passed by the house on a 95-14 vote. It would allow communities to determine


and regulate if they want medical marijuana dispensaries — called provisioning centers — to operate in their communities. there are Concerns with this bills


language, Come and share yours also HB 5104 was passed by the house on a 100-9 vote.A House bill that would allow Marijuana Extracts and Medibles or


 Food Medication under the MMMA, How will it be made available to patients who cannot make their own? Come and discuss this method that patients find to be a more healthy and easier pleasant way to medicate and that currently in Michigan all Cannabis Extracts or any method of using medical


marijuana that is not plant material only is found to be NOT ALLOWED under the MMMA by court rulings, And Governor Rick Snyder HAS SIGNED INTO


LAW SB 660 which is now Public Act 268 of 2013 that will allow if the Rescheduling from Class 1 to become Class 2 Federally of Medical Cannabis occurs or is allowed Then in Michigan Pharmaceutical Grade Marijuana is to be made available at a Pharmacy ? Or a Government run center to be named a


Pharmacy? And how medically effective will this Pharmaceutical Grade Marijuana be? This bill was supported by Chuck Perricone, who represents Prairie Plant


Systems, a Canadian company that grows and sells pharmaceutical cannabis. Many people in the MMMA community are watching these efforts with serious


concerns So Come to this meeting and discuss these efforts and new laws with insight from BC We will also Continue to have a Contingency Plan in place for developing a Sign up List for State Of Michigan MMP Patients and Caregivers to meet with each other * Please note: We are needing any MMMP


Registered Caregivers in the Tri County area locally: Royal Oak Birmingham Troy MI with ability to take patients to please attend this meeting


Patients who are in need to meet Caregivers that have open slots are also asked to please attend 


* So Come And Be Informed On the new laws and Potential Reforms Listen to Guess Speakers And Other Marijuana News National and Local and The Potential Impacts On Patients Caregivers And the General Public At Large In The State of Michigan 

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