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Judge Jessica Was Actually A Pretty Cool Lady On Pot, Before Schuette

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this came as suprising to me, tho maybe you knew it all along.  Buddy attended hi school in Southfiled (he is 49), and his soph year he and 5 of his friends went out a restricted  door, the one that led to the dumpsters, and which went past the door to the girl's locker room and showers.  They had a glass pipe (borrowed).   They figured they 'd prepare for the day's field trip with a few hits.  They figured they were safe, cause the hall was restricted so no one but the janitor used it but he was out warming the bus for the field trip.   But the assistant principal came out with a cigarette and found them.

My friend, now from farmington hills, took the blame for everyone and soon stood before Judge Jessica.   She didn't convict him but warned him and wished him luck.  (She frequented the restaurant his parents owned, so they had greeted each other many times when he  had served her table).

She put him on non-reporting probation for 6 months.  Almost out the door, he remembered the borrowed pipe, turned and asked for it back.  She told him to get out of her sight, she could still change her mind and sentence put him to jail  .He found her leniency really ciool and when she ran for Oakland prosecutor, he voted for her.  Much to his surprise, she was now much different, as hard-line anti-pot as his parents had always been.

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