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Procuring Meds


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I remember a guy named Greg Fransisco who was on this site. Don't know what happened to him, but anyway he used to fly to California and procure meds for himself and his patients and bring it back to Michigan. Said he went through all check points, showed his cards, and was pleasantly allowed to go on his way. Don't know if this is possible anymore though.

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I know some one that works in sanfransico and lives in houghton lake, she has to go to cali maybe 1 or more times a month for a day or 2, she mails all of her stuff home and to others via usps!


the funny thing is she atualy puts doggy biscuits in the box for my friends dog!  I seen him open the package a few times and thought wft? but it always get to where it is supposed to go!



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