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New Clones In A Propgation Tray--Does The Lid Need Holes ?

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Hi there,


I just got 4 baby afgoo clones today that are tiny and need to spend some time in my homeade mini "greenhouse" or propogation tray.


I basically just took a foil cooking tray that came with a clear plastic lid and they are in rockwool cubes


My question is does the tray lid top or sides need air holes ? or do I need to open the lid occasionally for air ?


Also if anyone knows when I could safely spray them with a little superthrive as they are currently stressed and I would like to help them recover. I know I dont need to feed them nutrients until they produce roots


Any other advice I am totally open to hear it. This is the first time I have ever gotten clones that were not already in dirt.


These are still not showing roots at the bottom of the cube yet



thank-you so much

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you can fully root a whole tray of cuts in 30-40% rh w temps in the 70's, and not ever spray a single drop of anything. this is from a healthy mom to start. nothing will ever go to mold/rot out.


on the flip side, under a dome, constant spraying, using varying products to baby em along, or rooting from sick moms, can all bring about rot/death. won't nec root faster either.


keep the light levels low & no dome/spraying. keep it simple, and be patient.



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