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21 Year Rcmp Officer Wants To Smoke On Duty.


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RCMP officer says he should have the right to treat his PTSD while in uniform. The 21 year vet of the Canadian mounted police, has triggers from seeing violence on the job. He was originally treated by RHC, but when medications they prescribed failed to help, he consulted a doctor and was prescribed medical cannabis. After a video of him smoking in uniform was revealed, his uniforms were repossessed by the CMP.


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Hell, I've seen lots of cops smoke on duty. When I was a teenager I used to buy it from a cop who lived down the street from me.


He would confiscate it during the day and sell it off his front porch in the evening.

This is a long time ago, but made an impression- hs friend of mine had an older brother who was weightlifting buddies w a cop. We were over at the brother's apt & cop was there. They were both dropping acid, just about getting into the trip. Anyway, cop worked drug task force apparently... beer, weed & acid, just another party night.

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