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Ptsd And Pain


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Here's a decent breakdown of what someone with a specific condition may want to be aware of.


Sativas are known for pain relief, mood enhancement and motivation. People smoking sativas often become energetic, talkative, joke-y and overall jovial. People that like to be active and get things done while treating pain usually use this. I like it when I want to work on something, but still relieve my back/head/stomach pain.


-Sour Deisel: This is the Sativa I would take personally. Instant pain relief. great taste, high quality, tried and true, raving reviews, lack of paranoya and feel energized. As far as pain, it feels like someone pulled the plug on my head and let all of the pressure out while coating my stomach and taking away the ache.

-Buddha's Dream: Sativa Indica mix (not sure of ratio), great instant pain relief to all areas and makes me talkey. No nervousness, but if something is bothering me, I think about it too much and I don't like it.


Indicas are known for pain relief, sleep promotion and muscle relaxation. They often have a much heavier cerebral and physical effect on me personally. This is the one that people refer to feeling "couch-locked". I like this for the evening, when I don't have to work on anything and I want instant pain relief with a laid back mental state.


-OG Kush, Bubba Kush and other Kush Variants: These are my preferred Indicas. Instant pain relief but allow your head to be quieter and feel physically at rest. I recommend Kushes because of the purity of Indica and the popularity, making it a more reviewed, available and a trusted medicine. A lot of times it's a top shelfer and a source of pride for a CG or Shop that offers it. Not to mention the awesome flavor on a personal note.  I really like the strong earthyness of a dense Kush. But I also enjoy a smell and taste that carries over well from the start, and through the ignition.


For someone who has PTSD, (what I'm imagining puts you on edge, makes you nervous and effects your personality), I wouldn't recommend a pure sativa. I have seen some footage of extreeme PTSD symptoms from WW2 and I coudn't imagine what it's like for you, so I may be way off on how I'm assuming PTSD effects you. Please forgive my ignorance. Overall, I would suggest speaking with local shops and asking for a recommendation based on what you're looking for in your medicine. There's a lot of Vets back now and I'd imagine you are among thousands in this state alone with the same exact questions.



Best of luck Brother!!!


Big C

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keep notes on those strains, and save a portion of the seeds too. I find most growers will hone their skills much over time to find that the strain failures of yesteryear were actually great genetics, but grow habits changed drastically. Keeping healthy soil through the entire grow period is paramount. Of over 7** strains personally sampled only two were not medically sound, yet, I find patients who actually prefer those same two strains for their relief. all about trial and error for individual chemotypes.


I wasn't able to figure out anything until I could guarantee that each time a strain was grown by me it was exactly the same as the time before.

This is where you see growers "grading" their gear. Notice breeders never say "this is B grade  but really tasty. Some growers on the other hand believe that when they feed their soil correctly, and a plant is allowed to fully express, it is somehow worth more, done right(?)

If it isn't grade A here, it goes to the bunnies, and its rarely the genetics fault, when it happened, that one time(lol). Like hit or miss in the goofy gardens.


welcome to the forum!

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