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How To Cook Edibles To Prevent Seizures (Does Cbd Need Decarbing?)

The Dog

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I am supposed to be a college student, but I live with my parents and my younger brother, and I spend more time treating my  brother's right temporal lobe seizures than I do on homework.  It is super frustrating.  I plan to study in Germany next fall, but I don't feel like I can ethically do that until my brother gets better.  I am the only one who cooks his edibles.  My process is based on Badkat's widely-disseminated recipe for coconut oil capsules. 


There are so many variables it is overwhelming!  What proportion of strains to use (we have Cannatonic #4 and he also smokes a much smaller amount of a higher THC strain.  We have not experimented with THC edibles in a while, since if they don't do the trick and he has to smoke more high-THC on top, the edibles potentiate it and make it very hard to get the right dose.  If he ODs, that means 8 hours of horrible seizures.).  Smoking vs vaping vs edibles.  


When making edibles: To decarb or not to decarb.  How long to decarb.  What temperature to put the oven at.  How long to cook the oil.  How much soy lecithin to add.  How much coconut oil to use.  And then there is a complete other universe of Everclear extractions, which I have barely begun to explore (partly since I still don't have my 190 EC yet).  It feels like I am falling from very high up, the certification clinic gave me legal permission to use a parachute, and I still have to research and invent the parachute myself before I hit the ground.


I guess my main reason for posting is to ask, should CBD be decarbed when used to prevent seizures?  On Google I have not found a conclusive answer.  

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there is no definitive answer or clinical proof of preparation efficacy yet. make sure your alcohol is completely removed from the finished product, as well as any solvent used. These are detrimental to a seizure patient.

I would first decide on a strain, then a pure dose of extraction, then figure out how to make it saucy if necessary. A straight shot of concentrate with some other oil like coconut oil is the active ingredient, the remainder is questionable calories. Since diet can play a huge role in seizures I'd avoid alcohols, flours, and sugars anyway. why complicate the dosing right?

I've worked with three seizure sufferers and each of them used about 1/2 of a gram of concentrate daily in a hot liquid and successfully ceased their seizures. they now grow for themselves and make their own preparations, because I'm scared of the law.

I infused it into an organic hemp seed oil for easy dropper measuring. It was packaged in heat sealed disposable plastic droppers. Heating oil or buds will further decarboxylate it after drying, essentially removing many active terpene compounds, and cooking it once again will seal the deal for a droopy eyed couch locked effect which some patients desire.

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