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Am Saying Hi...


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Hello everyone,
Am a new patient and a 1st time indoor grower, with hopes of becoming a caregiver.
I am a patient because I have spent 10+yrs taking rx pills from guessing doctors.

Years of these modern meds has destroyed my body and my spirit.


Now i taking my wellness into my own hands with nature.


So far I see a huge improvements and hope to one day help others live better.


To everyone on this site....

   It is a great pleasure to read and view your opinions, knowledge, and laughs...

Thank you.. :blow-a-heart:



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hope you find a dr that is NOT guessing.



glad to see you found something that works anyhow.


be sure to ask many questions. growing can be easy but also can rack up many problems.


try keeping a grow journal, will help you to remember if you watered plants or not. 

and yea, you will forget unless you have auto watering setup.

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I can barely go one minute without the thought of my garden visiting me. strains, set up, deliveries, grow store, soil mixing, pain...always on my mind. I've "forgotten" to clean up those trimmed leaves, or empty that stupid bucket, but never watering. hang tight t-pain. I saw an app for marijuana gardening in high times. its written by a local(to me) whom I've met. he seems cool and has many subscribers, if you can remember where you put your smart phone, hehe



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