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Flavor Twists

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I prefer fruit flavored weed.  prob is too much weed is woodsmoke, or fuel, or sandalwood.  so this is what I did with blue dream to up the flavor, and it affected the aroma also.  to the ssf organics 2-5-0 (phosphorous heavy organic nute) I added pine apple juice, 2 tblspoons per gallon.  to the other row of blue dream I added grapefruit juice in place of pineapple juice.  (the food shelf had run out of milk, the kind in a box that needs no refrigeration), so loaded us down the last 2 months with fruit juice.

no result from grapefruit juice, but the row that got pineapple juice came out spicy, and fragrant, like lilacs.  the effect, however, was cut from two hours to one hour.


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Simply changing the wattage or light spectrum can offer drastic changes to your buds.


Example: I changed my lighting to a more red spectrum and my fruity SpaceDawg came out more diesel tasting. The light had a drastic effect on the taste and aroma of that phenotype.

!  i had no idea what a little spectrum change can do.  Thanks GG.

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I have been getting some raspberry cough from my c.g as of late,  I have to tell you it does not make me cough, it is the most mellow mm I have used im joint form, It creeps up on you and Im telling you I havent taisted something this good in a lil while, normaly my c.o.p.d doesnt allow me to actualy smoke the normal way, but this does and is such a nice feeling and enjoyable smoking experience I hope he keeps this strain going a while, im still improving my g.r so I have been counting only on my c.g for me and my pt. and like always he never fails me!


I dont know what he finaly did right in drying and or curing but this strain has given me nothing but pleasure in budd or oil form!


no arificle flavoring here guy's and gal's!



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