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Snowmass Man Aims To Make Marijuana-Infused Patches In Aspen


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The Local Licensing Authority will entertain an application Tuesday from a man who wants to manufacture marijuana-infused patches and sell them to dispensaries.

Joshua Meacham, 26, of Snowmass, has filed an application for a “medical marijuana infused products manufacturer’s license” with the city of Aspen.

The application for Meacham, who did not respond to a telephone message Thursday, says he would operate his business from a suite located at 834 W. Hallam St., once the home of Poppie’s Bistro Cafe and later the Pitkin County Republican Party headquarters, in Aspen.

His operation plan, which is on file with the city, states: “We will not be open to the public or have any form of public retail sales. My business is a MIP, also knows (sic) as Marijuana Infused Products. The sole focus of my business is to produce a Skin Patch, that is used to company (sic) medical ailments such as sleep deprivation and other serious medical conditions.”



Meacham’s plan notes that his method of manufacturing the patches is “very safe” and “we will not have any type of propane extraction or anything that has flames for any part of the business.” The patches would be infused with THC oil on the premises, and they would be sold to “licensed dispensaries throughout the state.”

Tuesday’s Local Licensing Authority meeting is set for 9 a.m. at City Hall’s council chambers.

City Clerk Linda Manning said Meacham’s application doesn’t appear to have any issues that would preclude his license from receiving approval.

“It’s a tough industry right now because we don’t have local regulations on (the manufacturing of marijuana-infused products), but we’re talking with the Environmental Health Department about this,” she said. “We’re not sure how much THC (the applicant) will say is in the patch, which we hope to find out Tuesday.”

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