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April Milsap Justice


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No you should not. The light schedule should not be interrupted during flowering stage. The available light will confuse the plants and they will revert to vegetative stage, in the least.


cfl= although the cfl's may provide a different spectrum of light, and some supplemental light in deeper canopy, I found them to be useless in my garden. The extra heat negates the extra light, they are chocked full of mercury making the very real breakage issue a very real issue if the mercury finds its way into the plant pot.

You'll find that those smaller buds on lower branches are just little nuggets for you to sample, and eventually will most likely trim off those lower branches altogether. That way all of the plants energy will be focused on the main cola(s), which can be as much as 80% of the total harvest weight.


On the other hand those two bulbs can veg a plant nicely


good day

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