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Switching From Grow Box To Grow Room

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When I became legal I learned those bits in one chapter in the cervantes grow bible($25@amazoncom). He discusses the ins and outs of everything grow room.

Sealed room to outdoor gardens, to secret spaces and how to wire, ventilate, dehydrate cool and heat them too. super details are provided concerning

par lighting and how much you need.

I first grew in grow tents. I loved it. it was inconvenient just like you say and you'll love the extra space you're going to have soon.

600 waters are a solid choice, digital ballasts run cool, last a long time, and are cheap/worry free. choose wisely, read reviews. 100 watter will

penetrate deeper, but shorter plants will be your win, not trees. if its possible to ventilate back into the basement space you'll have an easier time than

using outdoor air inside your home. air conditioner, dehumidifier are most likely necessary. wash the space with bleach or similar before using. odor control

is necessary, can filters work well, the bigger the better. box fans are a good bang for the buck and on sale right now. all the settings are spelled out in the book, get it for a huge win!  good luck!

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Thank you! Yes, all of that is very helpful, some already learned (the hard way lol)

Although HPS and MH use a bit more electric, are there any clear advantages to using LED lights? Growing with soild, used fox farm, ocean forest and happy frog. Plus  the tiger bloom nutrients during flowering. Should I be using more for better quality?

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most commercial soil nutrients are good. decide whether you want an organic approach or a salts approach and move forward with mh/hps lights for flowering. T5 works well in veg for smaller plants. I use them up till 18 inches then move the plants to the flower room under both mh and hps.


More is usually not better. listen to your plants, divide that by the products directions, sprinkle some love, talk it out, and don't forget its fun !

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