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Cbd Counteracting The Painkilling Effects Of Thc?


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I have one patient who has been doing great on a hi THC regimen for her fibromyalgia pain.  She seems to have some of the same symptoms as I did with anxiety, depression, etc.  I did so well on the cannatonic #4 caps I made that we decided to try some caps for her.  She experienced the fibromyalgia pain that we were able to relieve with the hi THC regimen and was bed ridden the time she was taking the hi CBD caps.  She also had night sweats, something I have experienced while "coming down" off the CBD caps.  The last time it happened I was coming back from NY and didn't take as many CBD caps as i usually take in a day, was congested and came home and forgot to take my caps before bed.  I woke up sweating, had diarrhea and was very anxious when I awoke.  I took my caps and vitamins and felt better and seemed to rebound once I went thru a whole day taking 4 caps as usual.  The same thing almost happened last nite when I came back from NY.  I took my caps when I got home and was able to get rid of the shivers, slept well and didn't wake up in a sweat or anxious at all.


We've got her off of the hi CBD caps and she's doing much better now.  I found that I wasn't fully decarbing the CBD caps but still got great relief from depression, anxiety, sugar craving, etc.  I didn't have the stomach cramps or spasms or the pain associated after eating and haven't had to smoke immediately after eating like I've had to for years but I noticed fatigue, sore muscles, slight aches and pains that I didn't have while on a strictly hi THC regimen.  I've noticed I can take more THC caps and overcome the aches and pains and still find relief from anxiety/depression and my sugar cravings.  The first batch of fully decarbed CBD caps seems to work better than the previous "half decarbed" batch for me.  I just can't wait till I take down my own canna #4 in a few weeks and don't have to worry that it's possibly pesticides that are "causing or influencing" the pain since I know not where this canna #4 came from.


Anyone else find any relations with this?  I have been taking my approximation of 4 - 20mg caps a day(14%CBD/140mg in a gram and I make 7 caps per gram/= 20mg. - whatever is lost) that are decarbed at 280f for 1 hour. I figure I feel best when taking 40-100mg THC and 80-100mg CBD and smoking as needed during the day but get along fine (if I'm not pushing it with eating or working) on 80mgCBD and 20-40mg THC orally and smoking a few times.


I do generally feel better than I have since I was in high school. Stresses don't get to me and if I eat well my stomach feels pretty normal.  My stamina is up because the stresses are down and seem to be able to go from 8am to 8pm working pretty steady and getting things done.  Distractions have become a minimum since the CBD was added and I'm much more productive, efficient and happy.  And i wish all of you the same success I've experienced since I came here seeking refuge from a backwards donkey "progressive" state.  Thanks for taking me in! :)


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Yes but it's only an antagonist of certain effects and is supposed to work better in conjunction.  I tend to take cbd caps throughout the day and the THC caps at nite and smoke or vape throughout the day.  There is no "first and last" for me just juggling both levels.


But if it's an agonist of those effects why wouldn't it cancel them even if you take it after.  i've smoked hi THC strains and got anxious and smoked some Canna #4 mixed in with the next bowl and was ready to go to sleep within a 1/2 hour.  It seems to work for anxiety even if you smoke it afterwards.  Also CBD is supposed to relieve neuropathic pain so I don't see why they would cancel each other as one works for one type of pain and one works for another.

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