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Nypd Reportedly Halts Marijuana 'buy-And-Busts'


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NYPD reportedly halts marijuana 'buy-and-busts'

Published November 05, 2014
The NYPD has killed the marijuana “buy and bust.


The crime-fighting staple that often led to gun seizures and arrests on outstanding warrants was axed in a desperate attempt by the de Blasio administration to regain dwindling support with minorities, sources told The Post.


The head of each borough’s narcotics unit was summoned to 1 Police Plaza last week and told, “The powers that be don’t want to see any more of these [pot] arrests,” sources said.

An angry source called it a calculated move by city leaders.

“Of course, this comes from City Hall and [Mayor] de Blasio. This is all about arresting minorities, and this is just one way to arrest less minorities,’’ the source said.


De Blasio is under increased pressure from leaders in minority communities. He promised last year on the campaign trail to curb pot busts, saying they have “disastrous consequences’’ on minority suspects and their relations with police.


Blacks and Hispanics have accounted for 86 percent of low-level pot busts this year, and the rate of

minority drug arrests is on pace to potentially exceed the numbers under Mayor Mike Bloomberg.



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