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Well iv been away hard at work and finally got a free co2 tank. Question is my room is almost completely sealed only fresh air it gets is when i open the door to go in. My question is whats the best way to run into room? I have a reg. On it but no automatic stuff. I was thinking a rubber line coming from tank to top of room all the way across room with pin holes threw line. Whats your input? Also i dont have the money to go buy extra shizz at this time

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a few times a day during lights on, especially at the room's hottest moments, release c02 towards the plant canopy until your meter says 1500ppm. repeat when meter drops below 500ppm. Plants will receive full benefits each time for a couple/few hours at a time.

No need to direct the c02 as the air movement in your room will make simple work of distribution.


good move.

fyi=if my gen is off and I'm working in my room my/plants exhale will bring the c02 near 1500 ppm in a couple hours.

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Grass, from what I am reading, all the OP has is a tank and regulator, I suspect it does not even have an electric valve.   


Williams, I think as a min you need an electric valve on the regulator.   Without that you will be wasting an awful lot of CO2.  Your tank will not last more than a day or so at the lowest regulator setting.  And, even if you could dial the flow down low enough, you still only want the CO2 flowing during lights on.   Are you going to be around and remember to turn it on and off at the start and end of every cycle?


If your regulator has a electric valve, you can refer to the tables that are available online.  Determine the size of your room i.e. cubic feet, and what ppm you are shooting for.  The table should tell you how many cubic feet of CO2 you will need.   Most regulators have a ball float type indicator that shows how many cubic feet per minute you are releasing.   Get a simple timer at Home Depot/Lowes ($10) that has 15 minute intervals.   Next just set the regulator such that 15 minutes of on time will yield the # of cubic feet of CO2 that you need.     You might want to run the CO2 once per hour during the 12 hr lights on period.  

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I agree, but he doesn't want to spend any money right. I know a guy who gets his fire extinguisher tank filled with c02 and uses it just like I described. I loaned him a meter to play with and he cooter dialed it in to a couple blasts a day. he says he wont grow without c02 now.   works for him, I figured on a budget it will work for the op

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