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Mobile Justice Michigan

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At a time when headlines and broadcasts abound with news about racial profiling, harassment and police brutality, the ACLU of Michigan believes it is critical that citizens be equipped with the best tools available for ensuring law-enforcement accountability.

To that end, we've created Mobile Justice MI, a mobile-device application that gives you the power to record and report police abuse with the push of a button.

With this app, citizens now have the ability to capture footage of police misconduct in real time and send that footage directly to the ACLU.

Mobile Justice MI has three main functions: Record, Report and Witness.

  • To record, hold down the camera button on the outside of your phone, or open the app and hit the red "Record" button and the app will use your phone’s camera to record both audio and video. To stop recording, simply tap the screen. As soon as you stop recording, the video will be automatically sent to the ACLU.
  • To report, fill out the short survey available after each recording. You can bypass the survey by simply pressing cancel. However, we encourage you to fill it out so we can learn more about what you witnessed. Required fields in the survey are marked "Required." If you are unsure of the information asked in the survey, simply mark "Unsure." Finally, press the "Submit Incident Report" button to send your survey to the ACLU. (You can also test the record function by clicking on "Test." The video captured in test mode will not be submitted to the ACLU.)
  • The witness feature allows you to know if people around you are being stopped by law enforcement. When others in your area use Mobile Justice MI, you will get a message reporting where the encounter is happening. If the dot by this feature is green, it means the "Witness" feature is activated. If the dot is red, it means the "Witness" feature is not activated and you will not receive reports on where officer activity is happening. This feature is especially useful for community groups that monitor law enforcement activity.

The app also comes with a Know Your Rights section that offers an overview of your rights when law-enforcement officers stop you. And you can read reports, listen to podcasts and keep up to date with ACLU issues, cases and campaigns through our News feature.

Download our mobile app today and have justice at your fingertips — because our communities should control their police departments, not the other way around.


Thanks for all you do,

The ACLU of Michigan team

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