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Alberta Tar Sands


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Seen a news article about a group of 100 Canadian and American scientists who want to put a halt on the expansion of the tar sands extraction. I've been into global warming and environmental issues for a while now and the past few years since I got my iPad looking at satellite images and Google earth.


I don't know why I never did but today I traveled over Alberta on Google earth and was appalled!!!!!


The northern half has a well drilled darn near every quarter mile in a grid pattern. Several active open pit mines the size of cities and insane amounts of scarred land that was recently stripped. Seen as grey blocks or polygons the size of large counties.


Maps with blocks of color saying what's going on is one thing, seeing it plain as day is another. Why are we so stupid to do this to our planet. I understand energy needs but have we lost any sense of moderation?


If you have a few minutes it's a pretty scary sight to see, I'd say enjoy but you can't.

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whats really scary is to do the same thing over Michigan...


start near the Gaylord area and look at all the wells they have drilled right here in Michigan... makes me sick to my stomach (more so than usual)


Fracking is a mistake in history that people don't even begin to understand how devastating it is.


Google earth images are really wild... i looked at the wall separating North and South Korea the other day...

then i zoomed in on the coast of Africa and looked at all the ships that have been shored and stripped...

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Disgusting, they have a long way to go to be anywhere near Alberta but still ugly to see.


I tried looking off the coast of Nairobi for ships didn't see any yet. The skeleton coast is famous for that, amazing landscape. Southern Nairobi looks like $hit because of the diamond industry, stripped land everywhere :(

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