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Renewal Card Id Number Question

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I recently renewed my card and the second half of the patient registry ID number, the part after the hyphen, is different. It now starts with a 18 instead of a 16 and my card expired in 2016 and will again in 2018 so does anyone know if the first two numbers are the year it expires or is this just a coincidence and they screwed up my card?


If you don't know the answer but have had you card renewed, did the ID number change at all and if so, what number?



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So no one on this site has ever gotten a renewal and can tell me if their number changed or even if another card holder can tell me if the first two numbers after their hyphen is the same as the last two numbers of the year their card expires?

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I have to find all of my old cards, but my most recent one does start with a 17 and my card expires in 2017, I will go look for them now, I think I know where they are, I just moved so well,,,,,,,,,,,,,my schtuff is every where lol!





edit=yep in 08 the last set of numbers ended in 09, and in 09 they started with 10, so yea that must be how they do it, the 2nd set of numbers start with the yr your card expires!


I did not know that,,,,,Good catch!

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its pretty easy




= 2013 - 11-11


next card was 2015

so my next card was P123456-151111


look at the expiration month/day on your card then look at the number...

I need some of that brain food your eating!  :yahoo-wave:  :drinking-coffee:



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