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Medical Marijuana Site Plan Gets One-Year Extension


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 Owners of the medical marijuana growing facility planned for 130 Alloy Drive in the Fenton Business and Technology Park have obtained a one-year extension on the special land use and site plan approved by the Fenton Planning Commission on July 23, 2015.

   According to city records, the property is owned by SCJEMABR, LLC, of Davison. They asked for the extension because they are waiting on two bills to move through the state legislature.

   Both bills are on the back burner, according to freep.com.

   The medical marijuana bills that would more tightly regulate dispensaries and allow for the production and sale of nonsmokable forms of the drug, stalled because a three-quarters majority is needed to pass the bill on nonsmokable forms of marijuana and those votes weren’t readily available in the Senate.

   The House already has passed the bills. The Senate is expected to tackle the subject again in the fall.

   Owners say the outcome of these bills will greatly affect the proposed business, which will be called Fenton Greenhouse. They would like an extension to wait for the laws to be settled before starting the construction phase of this project.

   These laws have been in limbo since the initial site plans were approved.

   “Because of the unsettledness of the laws, they basically have not yet made concrete plans to move forward,” said Charles Sowdan in 2015, the project manager working with the architect from Asselin, McLane Architectural Group in Flint.

  The approved site plans call for the construction of a 9,000-square-foot building on 1.71 acres of undeveloped land located north of the Hamilton Propane site and south of the Canela Tool building.

   The site plans call for a possible 18,000-square-foot addition in the future.

   There will be 13 parking spaces initially and a possible 16-space expansion when the addition is built.

   The Fenton Greenhouse plan meets all of the criteria outlined in Ordinance 687, adopted by the Fenton City Council on Jan. 26, 2015.

  Ordinance 687 was adopted after several moratorium extensions on medical marijuana dispensaries since June 2012. At that time, city attorney Steve Schultz told the Fenton City Council they could either do nothing, draft an ordinance to regulate land uses associated with medical marijuana, or continue the moratorium until the law, which was adopted in 2008, had become more settled in.

   The Fenton Greenhouse owner will be allowed by the ordinance to grow up to a maximum of 60 plants and 12.5 ounces of usable marijuana. It is not a medical marijuana dispensary, only a growing facility. The caregiver is only permitted to service five medical marijuana patients to whom the caregiver is lawfully connected. Each patient is restricted to a maximum of 12 plants with 2.5 ounces of usable marijuana.

   Fenton Greenhouse, once constructed and in business, will be subject to annual inspections to ensure compliance with code and state law.



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" Fenton Greenhouse, once constructed and in business, will be subject to annual inspections to ensure compliance with code and state law. "


Pretty sure this is the bs Fenton 'Charter' Township Ordinance they are referencing. There's certainly no State Law requiring such inspections... and in my humble opinion is non-enforceable.  Think I / we went through this back in 2009 (...when PB and a few others showed up for a Township meeting )... I only had one inspection, it wasn't voluntary and they have not been back. Bunch of overzealous rookies called out the Posse, which ironically I was somewhat relieved to see since they seemed to outrank the intolerant twits who nearly suffocated me in the back of their cruiser. And after a tour of the premises they were unable to get a judge to sign a warrant, much to my benefit and joie de vivre. We traded war stories, some political ideologies and they left peacefully in their little tiny windowless van. (around 8 fully equipped men). 


...some of these arseholes apparentley think we're in Joakland Co. instead of Genesee.  


Apparentley the author is in error since City of Fenton - Ordinance 687 (pg 2) doesn't seem to require any inspections nor does the Fenton Township - Ordinance 720 (pg 6 - 4) which I mentioned earlier. 

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