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Finding A Doctor

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Some practices/physicians are very against medical marijuana, however, and patients have been mistreated in various ways by their physicians after asking, so tread carefully when starting the conversation. Best to find out what they think about marijuana before telling them you are using it as medicine or want to use it as medicine.

so true. A physicians group that my old doc was a part of was anti-cannabis. When they found out they treated me like garbage. In fact, the only.thing that went in my chart from that time on was BP. It was the oddest thing. They would no longer write me prescriptions or even make a diagnosis. It was Seinfeldian weird human behavior. Needless to say, I was left to fire them and find another doc. I was lucky to find a new primary that was cannabis friendly. Be careful with info that isn't completely necessary.



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My family doctor is aware that I use medical cannabis and much to my chagrin it is listed in my medical history now.

She cannot however write my recommendation for medical cannabis due the the physicians group she is part of. 


Unfortunately as already mentioned, getting a recommendation from a primary physician can be a slippery slope.

There are physicians who do write rec's and clinics that facilitate.


If you decide to not ask your pcp, we can help direct you to a qualified physician for your recommendation.


Please keep us apprised of your progress.

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Thank you all for your insight. :D


As of right now I do not have a primary care physician.


I would very much like one who has a positive attitude about using cannabis and could also give a rec. Ideally, I could do without the anxiety of having to play games with doctors, trying various medicines or treatments until ultimately "settling" on cannabis. I already know it works for me, I just want to be legal about it.


BTW, I am located in Macomb County so if anyone can recommend doctors near by, that would be great!


I'd like to get this ball rolling. I understand I need to establish a medical history, and truth be told, I have avoided dealing with this until moving because I do not want to take pharmas. I just want to take care of myself.

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