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How Long Is Dr Rec Valid?


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It's in the rules:


(ii) A written certification, as defined in section 3(m) of the act, MCL

333.26423(m), signed by a licensed physician in the course of a bona fide physicianpatient

relationship as defined in section 3(a) of the act, MCL 333.26423(a), and is dated

within 1 year of the date the application is received. If the qualifying patient is under the

age of 18, written certifications from 2 physicians are required. The physician shall

include the legal name and date of birth of the qualifying patient, the physician’s name as

it appears on his or her physician’s license, physician’s license number, mailing address,

and telephone number on the written certification.


And this is probably relevant too then:


(5) An applicant may submit a renewal application up to 60 days before the

expiration date on the registry identification card. A registry card is not renewed unless

the department approves the renewal application prior to the expiration date of the

registry card.

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