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Will I be able to get a medical card? (Marijuana possession charge)


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Ok so I'm about to turn 18 and want to get my card and have a qualifying condition. But back when I was 13 years old I was caught with marijuana at school that essentially wasn't even mine. They called the police and I got a court hearing. Went to court for the first hearing and on the second hearing I explained the situation they made a decision and decided to throw it out in all basic terms. Supposedly it's in a "sealed" record at the court and is not on my record and isn't suppose to have any impact on my record except for my record at that court. (Livingston County Michigan) so when I get my recommendation and the paperwork goes into the state will the card go through? I don't think there should be an issue because it's a "sealed" record but I don't know if that record was ever sent to the state or not. Was supposedly suppose to be removed off the court records when I turned 17. Please help me figure this out thanks.

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yep, any ex-convicts or ex-felons can get a patient card.

caregiver card is a different question.

good luck buddy.

if you are worried, you can go to michigan ichat and do a background check on yourself to see whats on your record. i think it costs $10.

well i guess ichat says surpressed records wont be found there either, so no luck there.

if you have more questions feel free to ask.

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