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Marijuana grower chases man through woods with baseball bat, police say


CARO, MI -- Police say a man with a medical marijuana growing operation chased a suspected robber through the woods and hit him with a baseball bat just after midnight Friday.

The grower was able to keep the 29-year-old Cass City man from running off again until police arrived, said Tuscola County Sheriff Glen Skrent.

The Cass City man was taken to an area hospital for treatment before being lodged in the Tuscola County Jail on attempted breaking and entering and trespassing charges, Skrent said.

Around 12:30 a.m. Friday, Sept. 15, the grower called police saying he was holding a person who tried to steal his marijuana plants, Skrent said.

He told police he had chased the man from his residence and through the woods. Eventually, he found the man hiding on the ground and struck him with a baseball bat, Skrent said.

The suspected robber had a knife on him, but he told police it was only for cutting the marijuana plants, Skrent said.

The grower had been robbed of marijuana several times before, but never reported it to police, the sheriff said. His barking dog alerted him to this latest incident.

Skrent said it was determined the man's grow operation violated state medical marijuana statutes and was therefore illegal.


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