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MM for Son with CP

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My Son was born with Cerebral Palsy 20 years ago.  He's quad-spastic, congnitively-impaired and has a seizure disorder...but he's the pride of our lives.  He's had many surgeries through the years, most recently a spinal fusion to slow down the progression of Scoliosis.  After 20 years of heing generally happy and healthy, his body is finally giving way to the constant muscle tone and although he can't communicate it conventionally, he's clearly uncomfortable and the pain is affecting his emotional state to where he's unhappy unless we're directly engaged with him.  I'd like to try MM but I don't kow where to start. I brought it up with his Psysiologist and he was less than receptive. How do I go about starting the process on behalf of someone who can't speak for themselves? My Wife and I have Power of Attorney.


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a certification doctor, is what resto is talking about. any michigan MD or DO can write a medical marijuana recommendation certification. 

"medical marijuana certification doctor", would be what you want to search for in your area. since doctors who do not specialize in medical marijuana are usually biased against it, as you've already seen.


as for someone who is non verbal, that is another question which is very difficult to answer. it would depend on that specific doctor who is reviewing. but seeing as how you sound like a loving family who has taken care of your son for 20 years with CP, i do not forsee too many problems.


assemble your medical records, the bona-fide pt dr relationship requires an in-person visit so you will have to take your son to the dr. 

you said seizure disorder, so the easiest way would be to bring in the medical records for the seizures (including prescriptions or old pill bottles if possible), as seizures are a covered qualifying condition.

CP isnt currently itself a qualifying condition (muscle spasms and chronic pain are), although petitions to add CP to the MMMA qualifying condition list are being worked on right now.

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to answer some future questions you will have:

the process will go like this:

you take your son to a dr with medical records. the dr will perform an in-person review of the records and the condition. the dr will then either write your son a recommendation to use mmj or not.

after you get your recommendation certification paper, you mail that in with some money order to LARA. 

so, since you are the caregiver to your son, you (or your partner) should be his legally registered caregiver. this gives you the legal permission to possess plants and marijuana for your son.

the caregiver fee is $35 , with some copies of your drivers license, send it in with your son's application to be a patient (which is $60). and in 30 business days or so you should end up getting two cards, one for you and one for your son.


you can find more info here


check out what the application packet looks like


the certification doctor usually has a copy of this and will provide it. or you can print it out yourself and take it to your doctor, if you think they will sign off on it.

its always recommended to get your primary care physician to sign off on the mmj recommendation. but as is the case all over the state, hospitals and health care employers and even the VA frequently tell doctors not to sign such recommendations. even though marijuana is a safe non-toxic plant with no overdose deaths.

so certification doctors also work. good luck and please feel free to ask more questions.

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