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Im a soon to be new patient with ms

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I read on a chat site that certain growers provide one to two ounces of medical marijuana to low income patients and sell the rest they grow for you to dispensaries covering their costs? Is that true? I have  multiple sclerosis and nothing works on my neurological pain but marijuana not even the 40mg oxy's they put me on, which caused so many other problems I refused to take anymore about 2 yrs ago. I only get 640 a month from disability and my rent alone is 350 plus utilities so I really can't afford to put out large amounts for the marijuana.

Any info I can get would help!



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It sounds to me like you are getting info from the type of people who pretend they will give you something for free when they really are just trying to scam you for the right to grow some plants legally and never give you anything.

We hear accounts of this happening often.

If it sounds too good to be true it usually is. 

Look at it this way; If a farmer wants to take you on as a charity then that would be great for you. But waiting for an eventual free bag because you signed a shady caregiver most likely will lead to great disappointment. A long drawn out nightmare where you eventually have to fire the caregiver because you can't even find them. 



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