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AG Candidate Patrick Miles Cannot Run From His Record

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For those of you within the Medical Cannabis and Cannabis reform community, please watch this video, and disseminate to anyone you know who is considering voting for this candidate. I know of at least three other caregivers he prosecuted who were in compliance under state law, and ended up spending several years in a federal prison (and there existed no other controlled substance allegations). There is only one candidate for Attorney General who will Honor the MMMA and Adult Recreational Cannabis Use, her name is Dana Nessel.

These are dangerous times. Please watch and share the truth about MI AG candidate Pat Miles.




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Check out AG candidate Patrick Miles in the throes of reefer madness: "Just the ear of a marijuana gummy bear will get a grown man high." He is in the running for the Democratic ticket against Dana Nessel. Dana is head and shoulders above him as a candidate - on this issue and many others.

Please prepare to join the party ($10 for the year) and come to the Michigan Democratic Convention on April 15, 2018 at Cobo Hall in Detroit, to make sure loser Patrick Miles doesn't get the nomination.


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