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list of non-toxic terpene based skin penetration enhancers

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I found this list of terpene based skin penetration enhancers which are reported as nontoxic to the skin. 

is there an ultimate list of things people use to increase skin penetration of topicals? if not, anyone want to help make one? 

Note i dont know if these are actually non toxic. i saw it on the internet... must be true.












and verbenone

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7 Proven Emu Oil Benefits

May 29, 2016 By Marc Seward Leave a Comment



What is Emu Oil?

Despite the fact that we are only just beginning to learn about the enormous benefits of emu oil, aboriginal Australians have known about them for millennia. This wonderful bird native to Australia has provided native Australians with meat and healing oil for a very long time.


It is able to treat a range of conditions ranging from skin inflammation to wound healing and arthritis and the wider world is just getting wind of its amazing potential.

Where does Emu Oil come from?

Emu oil unsurprisingly is derived from the fat of the large flightless Australian bird which my daughter continues to call an ostrich. Although they are native to Australia only, they are now raised commercially in other parts of the world notably in India and China where their meat is becoming very popular.
Emu farming is considered to be environmentally friendly as every part of the bird gets put to use and unlike much livestock, they actually benefit the land where they are being raised. It is also important to note that they only thrive under the most humane conditions.

What makes Emu Oil so effective?

Emu oil is especially effective at penetrating deep beneath the skin’s layers where it can help treat inflammation, relieve pain and treat the skin from the inside. Unlike most other oils, emu oil does not contain any phospholipids.

This is important because our skin blocks the penetration of oils containing phospholipids. The deep and fast penetration offered by emu oil allows it to work on the skin, muscles and joints in a way that most other oils and even some medications cannot. Because of its amazing absorption abilities, it does not settle on the skin and clog the pores.


Emu oil contains the following healthy compounds:

  • Vitamin A which is a known antioxidant and an excellent tonic for the skin.
  • Oleic acid or omega-9 which can help fight wrinkles, blemishes and scaring by rejuvenating the cells.
  • Linoleic acid or omega – 6 which helps to ease muscular aches and the type of joint pain associated with arthritis.
  • Terpines which have antiseptic qualities.
  • Sapogens which have many health properties including anti-aging and skin applications.

Emu Oil Benefits

1. Arthritis

Emu oil has excellent anti-inflammatory properties and can be applied to the body to ease swollen joints and muscular pain. Several studies have demonstrated that emu oil had the potential to be used as a complimentary treatment for those suffering from rheumatism and arthritis. This study published in 1998 revealed that emu oil inhibited chronic inflammation and had none of the adverse side effects associated with commonly prescribed anti-arthritic medications. (1)

2. Wound Healing

Emu oil has been traditionally used by native Australians to speed up the healing of skin wounds and burns. Several studies have confirmed its traditional uses including this Chinese study published in 2005.

Researchers applied emu oil to the scald burns of 144 rats and observed the results. They found that the inflammation and effusion of the wound were alleviated significantly and infection was avoided; the burns also healed significantly more quickly following the application of emu oil and there were no adverse side effects. (2)

Other studies have demonstrated that emu oil in combination with Vitamin E could help heal post-surgical wounds in rats. (3)

3. Acne and other Inflammatory Skin Conditions

Research shows that emu oil is composed almost entirely of triglyceride lipids making its composition very similar to human skin. This similarity means that emu oil is extremely well absorbed by our skin.

Because it has such excellent anti-inflammatory activity, it can be used to help treat acne and other chronic inflammatory conditions affecting the skin. It is also antibacterial and contains vitamin A which has outstanding antioxidant abilities.

Many people who use emu oil find that it not only helps treat their acne but also helps diminish the appearance of red marks on their skin while also nourishing and moisturizing. The way in which emu oil gets absorbed so thoroughly means that it will not clog the pores which can contribute to acne.

Emu oil is also used with great effect to help treat other chronic skin conditions like rosacea psoriasis and eczema.

It is recommended that you apply emu oil directly to the affected areas of your skin three times each day in order to see the best improvements.

4. General Skin Health

As we have already mentioned, the compounds contained in emu oil are not only great for chronic skin disorders but are also wonderful for maintaining the general health and appearance of your skin.

Its antioxidant properties as well as the rejuvenating linoleic acid make it an excellent choice to help keep you looking young. If you feel that your ski is looking older and less lively, emu oil might be just the tonic it needs.

The aboriginal people of Australia have also long used emu oil to protect themselves from the harsh UV rays in the Australian outback. These days, emu oil is being used more and more often by people in hotter countries for the very same reason.


5. Pain Relief

Because of its excellent anti-inflammatory properties, emu oil can help inhibit pain associated with arthritis and other joint conditions like gout. Emu oil is an excellent carrier oil and can help other pain relieving substances like menthol oils reach deep beneath the skin’s surface.

6. For the Hair

As I mentioned earlier, emu oil combines well with other products and can be added to your regular shampoo to help condition your hair and treat your scalp. There is absolutely no evidence that it works, but many people recommend massaging emu oil into areas of the head where your hair is thinning in order to help it grow back.

7. Inflammatory Bowel Conditions

While this article has focused mainly on the topical use of emu oil, it can also be used internally and there is emerging scientific evidence that it can help treat inflammatory bowel diseases that afflict so many people.

A recent study published in 2012 found that emu oil was effective against certain inflammatory bowel diseases and helped facilitate intestinal repair. The researchers concluded that emu oil was a potential adjunct to more conventional treatment methods. (4)

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Hey there! Thanks for sharing this list of terpene based skin penetration enhancers. I'm not sure about their toxicity either, but it's worth doing some research. I don't know if there's an ultimate list, but it would be interesting to put one together. I used to have trouble with topicals not penetrating my skin, but I've found that going to Med Spa Beverly Hills has really helped. They have various procedures that help with skin penetration, and I've noticed a big difference in the effectiveness of my skincare routine since going there. Have you tried any professional treatments for this issue?

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