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Chronic pain patient seeking good doc in Traverse City

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Hi all...

I’m new to the forum. I’ve been a chronic pain patient for 10+ years. I’m currently taking opioids for pain control. Somewhat successfully.

In a panic to the high levels of overdoses, the FDA has responded by reducing dose limits. What was once acceptable  opioid dosages, is now considered ‘too high’ for chronic pain patients!

The dosage that was fairly successful in helping to manage my pain is going to be reduced as a result of something outside my control. The FDA has shackled my doctors hands and won’t allow any doctor to make determinations as to appropriate doses on an INDIVIDUAL basis! 

I’m very sorry folks are dying! I hate that! But tbh, why do I need to suffer. Why do I need to live my life in a wheelchair. I’m doing what I need to do...I’m compliant, I see my doctor monthly, undergo random drug testing...whatever was required or requested, I did it. Gladly! 

I had manageable pain levels that got me out of the wheelchair that I had spent years in due to my pain. I’ve been on my own two legs for over 3 years now! 

I’m not anxious to go back into the wheelchair because something outside of my control is happening to other people. 

(As a side note, I’ve tried on 2 separate occasions to reduce the level of opioids I was taking - a request I made, and my doctor was agreeable to trying.

I was able to reduce my dosage 50mcg! But I couldn’t get lower than that without reducing my quality of life to a point that I was back to being bed bound.) 

I’m considering a move to MM. That way...I’m in CONTROL!

I’ve been contemplating a switch for awhile now because I felt that it would be a better long term choice than opioids. But I’d not really done my research at that point...

Well...now the choice is being made for me. Adding upset to injury, my regular pain management doctor is currently taking 6 months off for a medical issue he’s dealing with!! The doctor caring for me in his absence doesn’t give me warm fuzzies. And honestly, I don’t feel I can trust him in guiding me through something this important. Many mainstream doctors don’t approve of MM. 

I’d really like some suggestions for a good doctor or two in the Traverse City area that I could get a consult from...

I hate feeling like I don’t have choices...or any control. Totally sucks!! 


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