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    • By Michael Komorn in Stories From the Theater of the War on Drugs
      After the legalization of marijuana in Michigan, some patients are thinking they could stop paying the state $100 for the special mmp card , and just use the recreational marijuana law to grow their medicine.
      A patient with a registered card can use the ultimate defense and immunity to avoid a driving under the influence charge.
      Only adults 21 or over are protected by the new legalization law, but no one yet knows how the new law will affect driving privileges.
      Is the zero tolerance of THC in your blood law still in effect for adult use marijuana ? 
      The new law is similarly worded to the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.
      Whereas the MMMA says
      While the meaning of "under the influence" was not decided within the MMMA until 2012, with People v Koon, that was 4 years of police arresting patients for driving with marijuana in their blood.
      The court in People v Koon came to the conclusion:
      Ignoring that for a minute, the Michigan State Police have been tasked with sampling saliva during road side stops for a task force on marijuana driving. The task force was created in order to find a nanogram limit for THC in blood, even though 50 years of scientific research on the subject has consistently said marijuana does not affect driving.
      So my advice is, if you are a patient, keep the patient card active until the courts either give up on all marijuana issues, or at least this driving issue , or it is decided by the Michigan Supreme Court.
      Basically, until non-patients get a similar "People v Koon" ruling from the Michigan Supreme Court, it is advised that any patients keep their cards to protect them fully under the MMMA.
      "Don't be the first person to test this in court."

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  3. This video will give you an idea of how you winterize filter;
  4. Not hard but it does have a lot of steps and you have to buy some hardware. You will need the iso machine or a homemade machine that does the same thing. And a few things to do the filtering like a vacuum pump or a seal a meal with vacuum. Couple chemistry items like a special flask and filtering funnel. This is like making coffee old school then filtering it a special way.
  5. I will pull up the ISO2 machine. Is this an easy process? Thanks
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  7. July 30, 2020 Chit Chats About... 1 Michael’s Rant 2 House Bill 6022 3 White Boy Rick Released 4 Ingham County Zoom Trial Pilot Program Commences 5 Dem Cannabis Caucus Leader Votes against Cannabis Plank Cannabis Platform 6 Cannabis and Coffee: How do they affect the body? Links WEB: https://PlanetGreenTreesTV.com YOUTUBE PGT (Excerpts): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVRv... Planet Green Trees TV is hosted by attorney Michael Komorn and is Michigan's #1 Podcast about Cannabis legal issues, licensing, medical marijuana and other stuff in the realm of legal matters. Disclaimer The opinions and comments expressed on the show by hosts, guest, commentators, posts, articles, etc... may or may not represent the actual opinions or thoughts of the Komorn Law Firm and/or it;s associates. The thoughts and conversation that occur during this broadcast are an attempt to bring humor and parody to an otherwise non comical scenario. Although some conversations and guests may state facts, academic impedimenta and scientific theorems one should consult an attorney or expert in the relevant field of query.
  8. You are very welcome! This is one of those rare times when I actually could help someone. Most times on the internet everything gets all fogged up and I can't help anyone. What you said here means a lot to me and I appreciate it.
  9. I make oil for cartridges. I use an ISO2 machine with 100% alcohol that I proofed with the machine. You have to winterize and refilter it so the electric vape will burn it.
  10. Thank you for taking the time out of your day to give a beginner a few tips I do appreciate it
  11. You would have went right to frost with no buds. Or buds just on the side the light doesn't hit. Now give it two weeks and you will see buds.
  12. This woman reeked havoc on the medical marijuana community glad to see her shown the door.
  13. 10000 comedians Out of work Your trying to be funny? In case your earnest Thumb and forefinger top 1/3 rd of plant rub stem with moderate pressure and let the oderiforous pheromones fly
  14. Not sure about the rub technique. Can you give a few tips
  15. Wow! This actually never dawned on me. I do have 3 small led yard lights in my back yard. Usually one is within 10-15 feet of my plant. I’ll take them out today
  16. BrianVegsTops Hey nice looking plant. You do the stem rub she put some Stank on it? I hope so Your doing fine Bro LST is a good technique. Every seed is an Individual and capable of showing recent parentage to 2000 years ago. Yeah I give props to Breeders but this plant has been harvested by man for a long time. HOPE SHES A KEEPER!!
  17. @blackhorse l think what you are after is how to make distillate. That's what is in most carts. I do not know how.
  18. I don't know how to make it usable for cartridges. I decarb and make butter and tincture. 16g per lb of butter. 16g for 1c of MCT for an approx 500mg thc per oz. Tincture. I just use a 120 micron bag, golf ball sized chunks of dry ice. Shake over a mirror till it starts to get darker, then stop. I collect, then decarb at 240 for 40 minutes. Then load jars with butter or MCT and hash, and infuse in a pressure cooker.
  19. One thing to really look out for is light pollution. If you are growing near any yard lights make sure their light is blocked from reaching the plant. If there's light pollution she will never bud.
  20. Every day I wake up hoping to see that my plant has started flowering nope not yet today
  21. How you process after making ice hash? I checked into ice hash a few years back, but never made any. I'd like to learn to make the oil for vape cartridges.
  22. It seems to me that this is only a matter of psychosomatics. You force yourself to think that the diet relieves you of pain and this happens in real life. Nevertheless, it is possible that it is true because by following a diet, the body gets rid of toxins and becomes much healthier. I personally suffered from skin rashes and after I started exercising and using detox pills, I very quickly got rid of acne and other rashes. The human body is very difficult! You can read more about diet and detox pills at stoneathleticmedicine.com.
  23. When you dig down deep all the originals are someone's life's work. Of course they are. Because they wouldn't be still around otherwise. It takes a lot of time to make a stable strain that good. They never did produce great though. And they are harder to grow than the crosses. They do not fit with an agenda to make a ton of money. So then comes the cross breeders that are not willing to spend their life on it, they just want fast cash and something to lie for money about. That's why none of them measure up.
  24. Yup everyone is standing on his shoulders. Telling stories. Pretending.
  25. I missed this comment. I do agree on that, but the chem family was an accident. An accident that would not have happened without Dogbud, which we know nothing about. So yes, whomever was responsible for Dogbud, does deserve credit.
  26. Believe what you want, but that's not what the people involved say. It was an accident, nobody knew where the pollen came from, call it unintentional breeding if you want. But, the chem was not breed with purpose, it was a great accident, but that is what it was. This has taken up way too much of my time and space in this thread. I am done! Have a nice day!
  27. The whole chem family came from an excellent Colorado breeder that kept to himself.
  28. You would rather believe in an 'accident' than give a breeder credit. How much credit do you give a 17 year old stoner who found some seeds out of a bag compared to the breeder that produced the strain in the first place?
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