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I Need Some Direction- Advise Please

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Welcome to the site, sorry to hear about your troubles. Have you talked with the doctors that you see on a regular basis? That would be the place that I would start. If you have tried marijuana make sure you let the doctors know the benefits you get from it and explain that you don't want to go to jail for trying to relieve your suffering. Many doctors are very compassionate people if the situation is explained to them.


If none of your doctors will sign then you will need to go to one of the marijuana clinics. Some of the clinics do travel, I'm sure someone will post which ones and when they might be close to you.

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hi, earthbound, there's a lot of good information here. I wish you could get to a doctor. I have an eye condition too and have to put something like prednisolone in one of my eyes. If I were able to drive I'd be visiting people unable to leave their homes, I wish I had a friend who'd help me do this, there are so many people in need. Loneliness- I do know about how it feels.


There are visiting doctors but I don't think they visit in the person's home, and if they did they'd demand big bucks. Sadly the days have passed when doctors were more compassionate and visited housebound people, many didn't charge for the visit, or charged very little. I'm sure MM would help you. It's so sad how the other so called cures seem to be as bad or worse than the disease. I use natural remedies as much as possible. I've seen too many suffer from radiation and other treatments.. At this site I've seen stories of how people were able to get off most of the opiates and narco drugs, and use MM to ease their symptoms, many have chronic pain. Their quality of life has improved a LOT.


I hope you can find someone who's able to help you. All I can do is be here if you need someone to talk to.


Sincerely, Sb

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Earthbound, I wish there'd be a mobile MM clinic that'd go there and help you with the application process. If I could I'd visit you and help around the house and keep you company and not charge anything, I go shopping and cooking for you and your hubby, and do whatever I could. This has been a dream of mine for many years, to be able to do this for people who need help..



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That's a heartbreaking story, and I wish you luck. With 2 disabled household members, one would think you could at least qualify for some type of Medicare health coverage. Have you inquired of the Department of Social Services recently? Requirements are changing continuously. Seeing some of the questionable individuals I do on a daily basis who are receiving both part B and part D coverage, it makes me ill as a taxpayer and citizen thinking you wouldn't.


And as far as a physician recommendation, I know Kalamazoo is quite a drive from Ogemaw county, but if when your ribs heal enough it may be worth the four hour trip to seek out Dr Crocker there. I highly recommend him for his caring and compassion. His office staff will prepare all the necessary paperwork for you.

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i worked in retinal pathology and research for 25 years and i've never even heard of what you have. i tried to google it...nothing, but cornblath's name came up. i've heard he's an asse, everyone in the field who has to work with him calls him cornbreath, ha! anyway, i can put you in touch with another neuro-op if you find yourself in need of one, a huge group that has offices all over the state. good luck with Blodgett, sorry to say i don't know him too well either though. I think he is on staff at Kresge/DMC in downtown Detroit.


also, have you tried applying for assistance thru Department of Human Services? if not, you should, they can help with food and heating bills.

Easter Seals was also mentioned to me recently, possibly to help with medical bills. if i think of anything else i'll post.


Don't feel bad about venting girl, we all do it on here!



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Sorry to hear about your situation Earthbound. After all you've been through it sounds as if you still have a positive outlook.


Writing the book is a great idea. Just getting your thoughts and feelings down on paper is very empowering and cathartic. When one seems to have lost all control in their life, a person has to find something they can take control of. It helped me a great deal during a most painful divorce (of course it was nothing compared to what you are going through).


Good luck to you.

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