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My Letter From Carl Levin

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SO I sent Levin and Stabenow a letter urging them NOT to vote for McCain's bill he is trying to push through to regulate our herbs and vitamins,this is the letter I received from Levin,Debbie's letter was pretty much of the same,they really must think we are dumb donkey's. Regulate,regulate,they wont ever be happy until they have COMPLETE control!!



Dear Mrs. Wolf:


Thank you for contacting me regarding dietary supplements. I appreciate receiving your views on this matter.


During the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) approval process, new drugs receive extensive scrutiny to determine the safety and the legitimacy of the manufacturer’s claims regarding the drug. This same level of scrutiny is not typically applied to dietary supplements, and most supplements are not required to have FDA approval. However, the FDA does intervene when adverse events are reported regarding the use of a supplement or if the manufacturer claims that the product can diagnose, cure, treat, mitigate or prevent disease.


On February 4, 2010, Senator John McCain (R-AZ) introduced the Dietary Supplement Safety Act (S.3002). This legislation would establish a system through which the FDA can distinguish safe, effective supplements from those supplements deemed a threat to public safety. Among other safety provisions, this bill would give the FDA the authority to issue a mandatory recall if the use of any supplement has a high probability of causing serious health consequences, such as death. S.3002 has been referred to the Senate Committee on Health, Labor, Education and Labor for further review.


I believe safety standards are important in order to protect consumers from products that have been shown to be harmful. I will keep your views in mind should this legislation come before the Senate. Thank you again for contacting me.



Carl Levin









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The Levin brothers are both a couple of tools.


Their fine work and the fine work of JohnDingellballs,


Debbie Stabusall, John Con has put our state in the position


that it is in. The republicants arn.t any better.


A demacrap will rob you faster than a republicant, but


a republicant will do a better job of robbing in the long run.



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Any law that's written " in order to protect consumers " is going to end up hurting people.

How about some laws for people?

I never let anyone (especialy one in authority) call me a 'consumer'. I find the term degrding and de-humanizing.

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Hmmm, our gov. regulators heartily approve all kinds of unhealthy food and drink ingredients as well as "legal drugs" that ARE KILLING LOTS OF PEOPLE but they want to regulate (read tax and/or restrict access) our access to more effective (in my case) herbal and natural remedies. :thumbsd:

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Laws that supposedly protect people are actually cleverly designed to punish them. I discovered this when reading another set of laws that seemed to contradict themselves. but found out a lot about their real purpose. Read the laws for SSI and you might see what I saw.


There has been a war on natural care for decades, did you notice those words, cure, prevent, etc., they can only be used if someone is an MD, there's a whole list of "restricted vocabulary" (some free speech, eh?)- so thankfully there are ways around those words, I learned a lot about this many years ago and had to work alternatives to those words in my vocabulary when telling someone about a natural product I thought could help them. I even wrote up a list of alternate words and other similar situations where even the natural care provider has to be careful what title they use. I showed it to the person who taught me about the restrictions and he approved it.. It really alerted me to a whole world I didn't know about though I had an idea when I went to a natural health place and asked if they could tell me what'd work for a problem I had, I may've even said "recommend" and they said they couldn't, then I got the idea what was going on and said, "if you had this problem what would you use?" and I got an answer. I looked up some info on this, too, and found out a little more detail about the law and how to figure out which restrictions apply, it's different in every state, for example, in one state, a non physician can't say "suggest". Someone needs to do more work in this area because I know there are people who pretend to be clients just to see if the person will use restricted words, then they get trapped, and worse. It's so sad, they (big pharma) think their remedies are better. Nature's remedies are often very slow, but the problem is, people often wait till their problem gets worse then it's harder to fix. If I were telling someone about a remedy I know could help, I can't say words like, "cure your condition", so I say help, heal, fix, reverse the problem, things like that. It's ridiculus. According to them, when someone uses those words, cure, etc., they're "professing to practice medicine." I couldn't believe it when I found out this crap. I know many synthetic drugs use natural compounds as their base, but still many of those products do more harm than good. This doesn't mean some natural products can't cause reactions or aren't toxic but they' can still be very effective when used properly by most people, usually with no side affects or bad reactions. Because more people are turning to natural care, big pharma wants their cut and are trying to take over the market, to squash the competition, of course. With the drugs they're using now, they profit by our suffering, that's why there's supposedly no cure for terminal diseases. Oh, disease is another restricted word I'd have to find a synonym for. This is NOT the world I thought I was growing up in. People talk of compassion, help, protection, freedom, democracy. So much of what I was taught turns out to be a lie or at least a half truth. When I realized that, it really hurt. I had to re-evaluate my whole belief system.


Notice on labels of natural remedies, how vague they are, that's not the company's fault.


Sb :(

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