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Choosing A Caregiver


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nothing is free,

But one day I hope to Free the Weed!


You should get a c.g that already has meds, and dont want a deposit, if they ask for a deposit to start your plants up, run!

You cant expect to get your meds for free, did you get your narcotics. or pain pills for free? no if you only paid a buck, the ins company paid for your meds, but you can make sure you will get good quality meds for a fair price, and I dont think dispensarys are fair priced, dont get me wrong I love the option of a disp, but I would not get my meds their exclusivly, to expensive, I realy think a fair price for quality grade mm would be around 200 bucks and oz! thats just me though, I have paid as much as 400, Your better off finding a c.g, and keeping possesion of your own plants. while you are getting your grow going you can get meds from your c.g! and when your plants are ready, you can get some from your c.g for a lil change up!



Free the Weed!


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Being disabled and on a limited income, I understand the cost, I charge my one patient $250 for the first ounce and the second one free and the next one $250 and then a free one and so one. I just started growing his so I share my own with him. That way I get my $ for the electric bill in one lump sum. I don't make a profit, but one more patient would help me grow more and my supply and cost would be less. For those in need I feel $15 a gram is fair if your just in a quick need. After all those other places are charging $20 - $35 for a gram? Gosh The Lord has surely blessed me with a green thumb! No, dispenseries need to be under an umbrella so that prices can come down. The fun thing is seeing an old dealer now growing his own and swearing up and down because he can't grow it right, "it's not fair to charge so much" "It should be $5 for an ounce. I told him, buddy you been making $ for years off of people, how does it feel to be on the other side of the fence? Growing your own is a whole new world and some people just have no idea how therapeutic it is. I never was a material girl!

Peace and Love and Just Imagine!

I do have openings for two patients, yeah I am signing up another patient Tuesday. He already has his card so it will only take 3 weeks for my new card on him. When you are already in the system the State of Michigan seems to be able to work quicker!

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Can someone give me some advice on choosing a caregiver. What questions should ask them? Should I be getting a minimum amount per week w/out a charge?




First make sure that they can provide you with meds all the time not just at harvest this meaning doing caregiver to caregiver acquisitions for you when they are in between your 12 plants grow cycle a good caregiver will stagger your grow always having a good supply available at all times.


Make sure they know your price range your monthly allotment that you can spare for your medicine.


Always meet your prospective caregiver before signing on with them to make sure you feel safe working a caregiver patient relationship with them.

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